Class EdgePopulation

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Base Type

Class Documentation

class bbp::sonata::EdgePopulation : public bbp::sonata::Population

Public Functions

EdgePopulation(const std::string &h5FilePath, const std::string &csvFilePath, const std::string &name)
std::string source() const

Name of source population extracted from ‘source_node_id’ dataset

std::string target() const

Name of target population extracted from ‘target_node_id’ dataset

std::vector<NodeID> sourceNodeIDs(const Selection &selection) const

Return source node IDs for a given edge selection

std::vector<NodeID> targetNodeIDs(const Selection &selection) const

Return target node IDs for a given edge selection

Selection afferentEdges(const std::vector<NodeID> &target) const

Return inbound edges for given node IDs.

Selection efferentEdges(const std::vector<NodeID> &source) const

Return outbound edges for given node IDs.

Selection connectingEdges(const std::vector<NodeID> &source, const std::vector<NodeID> &target) const

Return edges connecting two given nodes.

Public Static Functions

void writeIndices(const std::string &h5FilePath, const std::string &population, uint64_t sourceNodeCount, uint64_t targetNodeCount, bool overwrite = false)

Write bidirectional node->edge indices to EdgePopulation HDF5.

Public Static Attributes

constexpr const char *ELEMENT = "edge"