Template Class ReportReader

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Class Documentation

template<typename KeyType>
class bbp::sonata::ReportReader

Public Functions

ReportReader(const std::string &filename)
std::vector<std::string> getPopulationsNames() const

Return a list of all population names.

const Population &openPopulation(const std::string &populationName) const
class Population

Public Functions

std::tuple<double, double, double> getTimes() const

Return (tstart, tstop, tstep) of the population

std::string getTimeUnits() const

Return the unit of time

std::string getDataUnits() const

Return the unit of data.

bool getSorted() const

Return true if the data is sorted.

DataFrame<KeyType> get(const Selection &nodes_ids = Selection({}), double _tstart = -1, double _tstop = -1) const

  • node_ids: limit the report to the given selection.

  • tstart: return spikes occurring on or after tstart. tstart=-1 indicates no limit.

  • tstop: return spikes occurring on or before tstop. tstop=-1 indicates no limit.