Template Class PopulationStorage

Class Documentation

template<typename Population>
class bbp::sonata::PopulationStorage

Collection of {PopulationClass}s stored in a H5 file and optional CSV.

Public Functions

PopulationStorage(const std::string &h5FilePath, const std::string &csvFilePath = "")
PopulationStorage(const PopulationStorage&) = delete
PopulationStorage(PopulationStorage&&) noexcept
~PopulationStorage() noexcept
std::set<std::string> populationNames() const

Set of all {PopulationClass} names

std::shared_ptr<Population> openPopulation(const std::string &name) const

Open a specific {PopulationClass} by name

  • name: the name of the population to open

  • if: no population with such a name exists

Protected Attributes

std::unique_ptr<Impl> impl_