Class NodePopulation

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Base Type

Class Documentation

class bbp::sonata::NodePopulation : public bbp::sonata::Population

Public Functions

NodePopulation(const std::string &h5FilePath, const std::string &csvFilePath, const std::string &name)
template<typename T>
Selection matchAttributeValues(const std::string &attribute, const T value) const

Return selection of where attribute values match value

As per node_set predicates, value must be one of type:

number H5T_IEEE_*LE, H5T_STD_*LE string H5T_C_S1 bool H5T_STD_I8LE null invalid

Note: This does not match dynamics_params datasets

  • if: the attribute dtype is not comparable

Public Static Attributes

constexpr const char *ELEMENT = "node"