Class SpikeReader

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Class Documentation

class bbp::sonata::SpikeReader

const SpikeReader file(filename); auto pops = file.getPopulationNames(); for (const auto& data: file[pops.openPopulation(0).get(Selection{12UL, 34UL, 58UL})) { NodeID node_id; double timestamp; std::tie(node_id, timestamp) = data; std::cout << “[” << timestamp << “] ” << node_id << std::endl; }

Public Functions

SpikeReader(const std::string &filename)
std::vector<std::string> getPopulationsNames() const

Return a list of all population names.

const Population &openPopulation(const std::string &populationName) const
class Population

Public Types

enum Sorting


enumerator none = 0
enumerator by_id = 1
enumerator by_time = 2

Public Functions

Spikes get(const Selection &node_ids = Selection({}), double tstart = -1, double tstop = -1) const

Return reports for this population.

Sorting getSorting() const

Return the way data are sorted (‘none’, ‘by_id’, ‘by_time’)